Take pride in your Texwood

Know your furniture has not decimated any forests. Our timber has been rescued or grown for purpose and otherwise would have been buried or burnt. Your Texwood probably started its life in rural New Zealand as a shelter belt or suchlike. We went to great lengths to save it from it's most likely destination (the fireplace), by shaping it into something that is pleasing to the eye and maybe even useful.

This is not junk or throw away furniture, this is furniture for life, furniture that tells stories and lasts in time. We want your business and we implore you, not only buy quality furniture. But buy the best quality you can afford! Maintain it, love it and keep it!

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Texwood beginnings

Tex Started building furniture after visiting a friend who made their own. When asking if it was okay to place a drink down on the table top, his friend reached over, grabbed a hunting knife and stabbed it into the table!He turned to Tex with a smile on his face and said 'I don't see a problem with that'.

If you have an idea or dream, give Tex a call. See if he can help turn it into reality


Is one of the most naturally durable, exotic softwoods grown in New Zealand. It is resistant to insect and borer attack in its sawn form. 

Macrocarpa's natural habitat is the peninsular of Point Lobos in Southern California, where it is know as Monterey Cypress (This is also home to Radiata Pine). Introduced to New Zealand in the 1860's and was planted mainly to form shelter belts. Its heartwood is rated moderately durable, which means a 50x50mm stake will last ten to fifteen years in the ground. Larger sections will last considerably longer. Outside and above the ground, Macrocarpa is equivalent to H3 treated pine in durability. Inside, where the timber is not subject to the elements, it will last indefinitely. When dry, the timber can be treated with a variety of paints, oils, two pot resins, and varnishes.


Capable of attaining heights of nearly 120 meters, Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is the world’s tallest tree species. It derives from a very limited area on the Pacific coast of northwestern United States, where heavy rainfall and cool, damp air create a unique environment for these trees. A related species, (Sequoiadendron giganteum), sometimes known as Giant Sequoia. All of Texwood's Redwood has been New Zealand grown and harvested due to necessity (i.e. dangerous or unstable trees).

Redwood lumber is very soft and lightweight, with a decent strength-to-weight ratio. It is also exceptionally stable, with very little shrinkage or seasonal movement. This makes it perfect for Dining table for both the domestic and international markets.

Rustic not rough

The most common question asked is "how do we take care of it?"

The good news is, it's easy! We have work hard at Texwood to introduce the perfect balance of color and protection, trying to keep maintenance to a minimum. Just yesterday we fielded a call from a customer we installed outdoor furniture for 18 months ago. At the time we helped with Macrocarpa fencing, the idea to match the furniture and keep with the theme. For cost saving reasons their staff were employed to oil the fence, 18months later the furniture still looks great but they require product to treat the fence! The moral of the story is oiling timber is not just that, particularly when applying the initial coats! In hindsight maybe we should have insisted on completing all aspects of the job. But the positive is proof our procedures, care and efforts of finishing our furniture have real long term benefits.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor settings are first coated with a deep-penetrating protective oils,  they permeate the slab and add color that penetrates and lasts. All additional coats are with Wattyl's Furniture Oil (Natural Pine color),  A more decorative oil which complements the timber and also protects against outdoor elements.

Prior to rejuvenating your furniture it is a good idea to clean off foreign materials and dirt. This can be done easily with a water blaster, be careful not to get too close. A maximum pressure of 600psi should be used. Or, if you do not have a water blaster. A hose with a soft bristled brush and some suitable detergent. This video has some helpful hints.

We prefer to apply oil with a good quality brush, spreading oils as evenly over the surface. For the best result, run you brush the full length of each surface, prior to the oil drying. This will help to eliminate the shorter brush strokes and give you a preferable finish.

Indoor furniture

We custom build all our furniture, so you dining table for example can be the exact size, thickness and color of your choosing. Same for coffee tables, side tables, hall tables, T.V. stands, kitchen islands, counters, bars and any other decorative top you fancy.

Indoor pieces are covered with a range of products to suit the purpose. It is best to talk to us directly or get professional advice.

Boards and platters are coated with 100% food safe oils, tree resins, canauba and beeswax. Interior furniture the same, or if preferable commercial grade 2 part urethane. Outdoor furniture is coated with deep penetrating oils designed for log cabins, before additional coats of outdoor specific furniture oils are applied.

     Texwood's first table - the prototype


Robdaman (Lumsden)
"We purchased two tables for the deck of our cafe, they are stunning, full of character and everyone comments on how great they are. They are really well built and Texwood was awesome to deal with and I am looking forward to buying more off them in the future."


Sarah Harper (Te Anau)
"Texwood's bar leaner takes pride of place on my deck, I like that it is unique and always attracts positive comments from visiting friends...I think they are jealous ;-) It was a pleasure buying from Tex, he was easy to communicate with and was open to tweeking the design to suit me."


Damion Brown (Queenstown)
"Thank you so much for the fantastic counters and boards you made for us. We at Pedro's House of lamb could not be happier with your work!! Can not wait to get the tables too!"

Ben and Nancy Coburn (Christchurch)
"We have a bar leaner from Texwood and it is absolutely brilliant. We love it so much; it is the center feature of our outdoor space. We love the style of Texwood's joinery and the personal touches he added specially for us that has made this leaner something we will treasure forever. And it has to be said, after cyclone Lusi hit the leaner was the only piece of furniture still standing! Thank you Texwood, we look forward to discussing out next piece!"


Sam De Reeper (Glenorchy)
"This is a great product.unique hand made furniture with attention to detail. the finish was perfect and gets every ones attention when they come around to my house."


Penny Steers (Invercargill)
"I had a dinning room table made by Texwood. The whole process from initial discussion of what we wanted, design of the table, length, color etc to the finished product was easy. Tex sent photos keeping us informed of the process, he even delivered the table to is in Invercargill.A unique affordable piece of furniture, a must have for a home!"

Richard Hobo (Taranaki)
"Real one-off pieces that are quite literally a slice of New Zealand. Matt also offers some inlay options to further enhance each pieces' uniqueness. A must for any outdoor dining area, either domestic or commercial."