South Island deliveries:

Delivered personally by Tex when possible.

Most often South Island deliveries are done personally.

Most often South Island deliveries are done personally.

Canturbuby is the home of Texwood

Christchurch set at $50 for large deliveries or as little as $30 for smaller items.

Hurunui district max $30 or free for larger items.

Combined offer:

I do greater South Island trips four times a year, if i can combine your order with another you can share the cost of transport. Happens all the time!

Individual deliveries:

Charged in relation to the size of the order:

  • Under $1,000 orders can be either posted or charged at $1 per km

  • $1,000 to $2,000 orders charged at 70 cents per km

  • Over $2,000 charged at 50 cents per km

  • Over $5,000 charged at 35cents per km

north island outdoor furniture:

Prices include shipment to the depot only and allows for 1.4m Leaner (1.536 cubic meters)

Please apply with me for a cost to your door.

  • Auckland $225

  • Wellington $265

A 2m Outdoor Table Set (Includes 2 x full length bench seats) or 4 cubic meters.

  • Auckland $600

  • Wellington $700

The Auckland rate is calculated at $150 per cubic meter and Wellington at $175 per cube. To work out the cube on the size table you want, multiply the length you want by 1.5 for table only. Or, for Table Sets (Includes full length seating) multiple the length you want by 2 (the 2m Set in the example above is 2 x 2 = 4 cubic meters)


National freight on dining tables:

Dining Tables (require partial assembly):

Priced for a 1.6m long by 0.8m wide (1 cubic meter)

  • Christchurch $50

  • Wellington $295

  • Auckland $350

And for 2m by 1m wide Dining (1.5 cubic meters)

  • Christchurch $50

  • Wellington $325

  • Auckland $385

All prices here include GST