Take pride in your Texwood

Know your furniture has not decimated any forests. Our timber has been rescued or grown for purpose and otherwise would have been buried or burnt. Your Texwood probably started its life in rural New Zealand as a shelter belt or suchlike. We went to great lengths to save it from it's most likely destination (the fireplace), by shaping it into something that is pleasing to the eye and maybe even useful.

This is not junk or throw away furniture, this is furniture for life, furniture that tells stories and lasts in time. We want your business and we implore you, not only buy quality furniture. But buy the best quality you can afford! Maintain it, love it and keep it!

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Texwood beginnings

Tex Started building furniture after visiting a friend who made their own. When asking if it was okay to place a drink down on the table top, his friend reached over, grabbed a hunting knife and stabbed it into the table!He turned to Tex with a smile on his face and said 'I don't see a problem with that'.

If you have an idea or dream, give Tex a call. See if he can help turn it into reality